James BuSTAR in the SMH and Saturday Age

Here’s a recent article from Saturdays Sydney morning herald and also Saturday age! Enjoy   Axes Author: SUE WHITE Date: 21/07/2012 Words: 192 Source: SMH Publication: Sydney Morning Herald Section: My Career Page: 23 Name: James Bustar. Job: Comedian-juggler. Where Works? in various locations, including on cruise ships. Why is it important? I have a comedy juggling show and my ... Read More »

James BuSTAR Interview on ABC Radio about Bullying

A few weeks ago I was featured on ABC Radio for an 11 minute interview. You can hear it here! James BuSTAR – ABC Radio Interview Or Read the transcript of the interview below; On Friday, we spoke about Clubs New South Wales being just one of a dozen employers trialling a programme to “bully-check” job seekers age 22 or ... Read More »

James BuSTAR featured in “The Mercury” newspaper

I had the privilege of being featured in “The Mercury” newspaper in Tasmania about my life and career so far; Heres the article; THE MERCURY 26th May, 2012 Choose a job you love and never work a day in your life – that’s juggler James BuSTAR to a tee. Often billed as Australia’s funniest juggler, Bustar entertains thousands each week ... Read More »

Why Juggle? You’ll be smarter!!

Have you ever tried to juggle? If you have, you can appreciate how difficult juggling can be. In virtually every sport or fitness activity that requires a ball, you only have to pay attention to one thing at a time; either receiving the ball or throwing the ball (or hitting). Juggling, however, requires you to focus on throwing the ball ... Read More »

Horse Riding Juggling Adventures – April 2012

This month, I decided to confront a challenge that I wouldn’t know the outcome of until trying. I drove to Rutherglen, to a place called “The Pony Patch” which can be found at, here I met with an amazing team of individuals who where going to help me. When I arrived at the stables Emily Wright from High Velocity ... Read More »