James BuSTAR – 105.7 The River, Kevin Poulton, December 2013

105.7 The River Interview With James Bustar

– Transcript –

Kevin: So recently with Australia’s Got Talent we had the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, it was drawn into the finals. Unfortunately it didn’t get through to the grand final. But there’s also another success story from 2009 who also made the semi-finals on Australia’s Got Talent. His name is James Bustar. How are you doing, man?

James: I’m good thanks, how are you guys?

Lady: Hey James, it’s always nice to hear what the fruities are doing after they finish the Flying Fruit Fly school because obviously we’re very proud of the school and people come from far and wide to go there. But what do you do when you’re a circus-trained performer?

James: I basically yeah – nowadays I work on cruise ships and I do a comedy juggling show on cruise ships and I do an hour comedy show and then before I started doing cruises I was working for Club Med Resorts teaching flying trapeze.

Lady: Oh, fun.

James: And then before that I was working at a theme park in Japan for a year and a half and then before that I was a street performer on the streets of Sydney. So yeah, since Fruit Flies I went and became a street performer and then tried to perfect my comedy timing and work out what the audience wanted in terms of tricks and things for the show.

Kevin: So you had essentially fulfilled your childhood dream. I know a lot of people have childhood dream about running away with the circus thing, but making it as well.

James: Oh yeah, exactly. I mean for me, I joined the circus because it was a passion and it was something that I wanted to do. And it took a lot of convincing to my parents to actually let me run away and join the circus. And then from there, like I said it was always just a passion. And then when I finished Fruit Fly, I kind of realized I wanted it to be a job. And I wasn’t sure whether it would be completely possible for it to be a job but now it’s been quite a few years of performing on cruise lines and being booked all the time.

Kevin: Now is it a good bread-winner or is it a love of the job type of thing as well? Because it sounds very exciting.

James: I know financially it’s great, I mean to be honest I’m more than a school teacher and I have no university degree and I just juggle and tell jokes. So I mean it’s absolutely brilliant.

Lady: It sounds fantastic.

Kevin: There you go kids.

Lady: Now apart from just juggling and telling jokes you actually hold some juggling world records, tell us about those.

James: Yeah I do, there’s a great website online so… and you’ve got two different record things in the world. You’ve got the Guinness World Records and you’ve got the Universal Record Database which runs through a website called recordsetter.com. And basically Guinness is just obviously just a sponsor of World Records itself. So there’s Guinness World Records and then there’s World Records.

So I have four world records currently at the moment and some of them are quite quirky and stupid and some of them are quite serious. So to mention a few I’ve got the most consecutive catches juggling five or four eggs.

Lady: Wow. How many is the most consecutive catches?

James: I currently hold it now, 186.

Kevin: Wow.

Lady: And it obviously…

James: So that’s without the eggs cracking or breaking or anything like that and they give me raw eggs.

Lady: Yeah and unfortunately 147 – smash.

James: *chuckles* Yeah, that’s the hard thing, so… but the record I broke was 63, so…

Lady: Gee. You smashed it.

Kevin: You dropped the bomb.

James: Another one is the longest time juggling three clubs on a pogo stick which is obviously quite hard because if I’m juggling then I can’t actually hold the pogo stick. So I have to hold it between my legs and jump up and down. So…

Kevin: How long has it been?

James: I’m a guy who can do two things at once.

Kevin: *laughs* How long were you on the pogo stick for?

James: For one minute and six seconds. It doesn’t sounds that long but when you’ve got something essentially squeezed between your legs and you’re trying to control juggling as well it’s actually quite hard.

Lady: Yeah, it’d be really hard.

James: And then I’ll go into the stupid ones which is the most cans kicked over in ten seconds with a bare foot. Which is eighteen cans. And the current record for that was ten. And then I did one on a radio show which was the most animal sounds correctly guessed in one minute which was eight and I got eleven.

Lady: Oh, geez. Well done.

James: So, like I said, two of them are quite real – well, that’s a great thing about Record Setter, it’s that people can just do stupid things that they want to do as well but there are serious records one there as well.

Lady: Yeah, we need to go there and have a look, Kevin. See what sort of records we can set.

James: Well, go for it, it would be great.

Kevin: Can’t juggle though, Bustar.

James: *laughs* You don’t have to juggle though to break a record, though. You could do the longest radio show or the longest interview or something like that, I’m sure you could think of one.

Lady: Easy, see? Longest pause between words.

Everyone: *laughs*

Lady: Might be a bit boring but you know, give it a go. James, congratulations on obviously doing so well our of the fruities. As I said, we love to hear from fruities going on to bigger and better successes. It’s absolutely sensational. And enjoy your cruise wherever you’re off to this time.

James: Oh yeah, I’ll get on the cruise this afternoon and we’re off to the Pacific Islands.

Lady: Ah,sounds terrible.

Kevin: See?

James: And then in December I do a few shows around Sydney and things like that as well. So, people can feel free to go onto the website and have a look at that as well.

Lady: What’s your website?

James: It’s JamesBustar.com, it’s B-U-S-T-A-R.com.

Kevin: We’ll surely to check you out. Thanks so much for your time this morning, James.

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