James BuSTAR in the SMH and Saturday Age

Here’s a recent article from Saturdays Sydney morning herald and also Saturday age! Enjoy


Date: 21/07/2012
Words: 192
Source: SMH
Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: My Career
Page: 23
Name: James Bustar.
Job: Comedian-juggler.

Where Works?
in various locations, including on cruise ships.

Why is it important?
I have a comedy juggling show and my main job now is working on cruise ships. Those guests enjoy seeing acts that are a bit different. I thought, “Why not juggle something unique?” I started with balls, then moved on to clubs, knives and now axes.

What do your colleagues think?
I don’t have many friends who are jugglers, but the magicians I work with love it. It comes down to the fact that I’m doing something different. The public say I’m crazy, but mostly they don’t believe the axes are real. People want to touch them after the show to check.

Unusual moment?
I used to lay someone down on the stage and walk over them juggling axes. That was about five years ago, but I eventually realized that was a dumb idea.

How much does it cost?
To be honest, when buying my first axes I simply went into Bunnings and chose a few. But it does actually matter what weight they are, in terms of whether they are juggle-able or not.

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