Wedding Entertainment

So you are getting married!  Congratulations!  Now comes the hard part of planning your wedding and finding the perfect wedding entertainment for your reception.  No doubt you have been to multiple weddings and you were probably not too surprised to find that most wedding receptions are fairly standard.  Your typical wedding reception often consists of a DJ for wedding entertainment, food, dancing, maybe some fun photography or even a photo booth.  Rarely do you go to a wedding reception that has a form of alternative wedding entertainment.

What do I mean by wedding entertainment?  How about something that none of your friends are going to have at their weddings.  When it comes to alternative wedding entertainment you can go plenty of ways from hiring a caricaturist to a magician or even having a fireworks display.  But something you may not readily think of is a comedy juggler.  Depending on the style and type of wedding you are having a comedy juggler can really make your reception one of a kind.

A comedy wedding juggler is about as unique as you can find for your alternative wedding entertainment.  With a dynamic and entertaining show your guests will be amazed at the pure talent and entertainment that comedy jugglers like, James BuSTAR will bring to the wedding reception.  This type of entertainment is great to get your guests involved in the act and to really enjoy the wedding.  It also allows for your guests to let loose and to really have a good time at your reception.  Unlike your typical wedding reception that may just have music and drinks your guests will be given a juggling show like none other they have ever seen before.

It can be hard and stressful when you are planning your wedding and the last thing you want to worry about is finding the perfect wedding entertainment and making your wedding standout.  When you book a comedy juggler you will not only have great wedding entertainment but your guests will be talking about for months afterwards.  With different techniques and styles of juggling from traditional juggling to more dangerous acts there is something for everyone.  When you hire a comedy juggler for your wedding you are getting more than just a juggling act you are getting a comedy act, a danger act, and just pure entertainment that is customized and stylized just for you and your guests.

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