⭐★★★★ “Adrift” Eureka Escapes – Cornwall


Eureka Escapes, Cornwall, UK – “Adrift” – ⅕ stars

Embarking on “Adrift” at Eureka Escapes, Cornwall, I was initially enthralled by the immersive environment that unfolded before me. Yet, as I ventured deeper, the room’s lack of coherence became evident, sapping away the initial engagement. The transition to the second area felt abrupt, with glimpses of the street disrupting the immersive illusion.

The puzzles presented a significant challenge, often veering into a realm of obscurity. Their lack of clear coherence left me and my team of three others perplexed, leading us to seek hints for nearly every puzzle. Despite our collective experience with escape rooms, the disjointed nature of the puzzles proved a roadblock to our enjoyment.

Upon reflection, it’s noteworthy that our confusion wasn’t isolated; all four of us, spanning different ages and backgrounds, shared the same sentiment. For a room that should have catered to a diverse group, the universal confusion was telling. At the time of this review, it’s worth mentioning that the location was in transition, being sold to another company. With this change on the horizon, one can only hope that the escape room experiences offered here will see improvement.

In summary, “Adrift” fell short of our expectations. The initial immersive pull gradually gave way to a tangled mess of puzzles lacking coherence. While discrepancies in enjoyment often occur within teams, the unanimous sense of frustration we experienced underscores the need for enhanced clarity in the room’s design.

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