⭐⭐⭐★★ “Operation Blacksheep” – Cluequest, London


“Operation Blacksheep” – Cluequest, London-  3/5 STARS

“Operation Blacksheep” captivated my attention with its impressive puzzle design that kept me thoroughly engaged. The intricate puzzles offered diversity and intrigue, contributing to the room’s overall appeal. Nevertheless, one notable drawback was the room’s muted speakers, which unfortunately dampened the potential for an immersive audio experience.

While the reliance on combination locks was noticeable, the room managed to maintain its allure through its innovative puzzle variety. The introduction of surprise puzzles injected excitement into the experience. However, I must admit that the conclusion left something to be desired. The room’s ending lacked the anticipated climactic twist, with the host simply walking into the room. This underwhelming conclusion stood in contrast to the otherwise creative challenges and unexpected elements.

I must commend the host’s remarkable performance. The seamless transition into character was commendable, enhancing the immersive aspect of the adventure.
However, there was a sense that the room could benefit from heightened effects, improved lighting, and increased immersion. These additions could elevate the overall experience and further accentuate the room’s potential. Despite its shortcomings, “Operation Blacksheep” showcased promise and creativity, delivering an enjoyable puzzle-solving escapade heightened by a dedicated host.

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