⭐⭐⭐⭐★ – “The Haunted Toy Store” – No Escape London


“The Haunted Toy Store” – No Escape London 4/5 stars

“The Haunted Toy Store” provided an unforgettable experience that truly left a mark. The immersive theming was nothing short of exceptional, immersing us in an eerie ambiance that set the tone perfectly. From the moment we stepped in, it was evident that careful attention had been given to every detail, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

What truly stood out was how seamlessly the puzzles intertwined with the storyline. It was evident that a great deal of thought had been put into integrating the puzzles organically into the narrative, resulting in a cohesive and immersive experience. While some puzzles relied on combination locks, the execution was so well-done that it felt like a natural progression of the game. Additionally, the incorporation of electronic puzzles added a dynamic element that further engaged us.
The host’s role was a standout feature. Not only did they effectively establish the mood, but they also remained in character throughout, enhancing the immersive aspect of the adventure. Their dedication undoubtedly played a pivotal role in enhancing our overall enjoyment.

Although “The Haunted Toy Store” leaned towards the scarier side without live actors, the puzzles were a testament to logical design. While challenging, they revealed their underlying logic through careful examination. The presence of misleading props added an extra layer of intrigue, keeping us guessing at every turn.
In summary, “The Haunted Toy Store” was a riveting adventure that succeeded in embracing the horror theme with finesse. The exceptional theming, seamless puzzles, and the host’s role all combined to create a thrilling and memorable escapade that immersed us in its eerie world.

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