⭐⭐★★★ “The Mummy 2” – Realmz, Perth


Realmz Perth, AUSTRALIA – “The Mummy 2” 2/5 STARS

My experience with “The Mummy 2” at Realmz Perth left me quite disappointed. It felt as if the room was hastily put together, lacking the polish I anticipated. Although there were some impressive puzzles at the outset, the overall execution fell short.

The initial intrigue stemmed from promising theming that set the stage. However, the room’s cramped nature became evident with our team of four, leading to discomfort. The pre-show music setup was a nice touch, but the speakers in the office hindered our ability to hear clearly.

Inside the room, the absence of backing music was conspicuous, reducing the ambiance that could have enhanced the experience. The confined space, particularly with a team of four, hindered our enjoyment. I had hoped for a more captivating atmosphere and a sense of “WOW” that was unfortunately missing.

Furthermore, the room failed to engage one of our teammates, a newcomer to escape rooms. The lack of clarity in the puzzles left them confused, detracting from the usual appeal that entices newcomers to embrace escape rooms.

In summary, “The Mummy 2” was marked by initial promise but ultimately fell flat. The cramped space, audio issues, and absence of an immersive factor contributed to a disappointing overall experience that even left a newcomer unimpressed.

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