Keeping "Entertainment" Alive during a Worldwide Pandemic

{Sydney, Australia}- COVID-19 has altered all facets of life across the globe. No one has been immune from this pandemic: leaders of government, athletes, and least of all, entertainers. With an immediate clearing of calendars, like many across the world, entertainers workload came to a ceasing halt. This halt not only proved scary for the future. It became immediately terrifying with the ever-looming question, “what do I do now?”

James Bustar, with the daunting virus terrorizing the world, knew he had to do something. James began doing what he does best, entertaining. Initially, it started with small clips and challenges that catered to his fan base. The first challenge was called “An Apple A Day.”

This video montage was simple; it challenged followers to throw an apple from screen to screen from person to person, country to country. James thought this project would be small, but he was wrong. Overnight entertainers, globally, participated in totaling 110+ participants from seven different countries.

Entertainers from across the globe began passing apples, from screen to screen, and James and his team realized something that never crossed their minds. Their collaborations were more significant than themselves. Their collaborations gave the world hope. Messages began flooding the various entertainer’s inboxes stating how much this was needed. How they were sinking in depression, with the global situation, how the many entertainers gave them HOPE.

As the people were always looking at social media, this form of entertainment began to trend and in a big way. James said:

“The arts community has always a been a close-knit family, but I felt it was important for us all to stay together in isolation, doing all these projects gave me a sense of worth, and made me and many others pick up their props and create again in a time that we felt worthless.”

With over 26k views on Day 1, James and his united front of jugglers, comedians, singers, magicians, and various other entertainment acts put their heads together to continue doing what they do best…entertaining. Their message of hope not only touched countless struggling people across the globe but also moved each other.

“It’s been so inspiring to work with artists from around the world during such challenging times. Everyone has found unique ways to continue sharing ideas and entertain audiences we might not normally get to connect with.”

Abby Beyer, Aerialist, Korea

These projects are complementary to the global resilience that humanity has exhibited over the course of the past six months. The plans highlight the strength of character and endearing willingness to make everyone smile, that entertainers live for. Now more than ever, entertainers must realize they too are needed.

Entertainers recognize that their calling, entertaining, is not just for the cruise ships, special events, or crowd gathering shows. Entertainers, those that have this calling, are ESSENTIAL when the light of the world seems dim. Entertainers across the globe recognize that just because they may be “stripped bare,” they still have to fulfill their calling. They have to put on the smile, juggle their balls, toss an apple, or do whatever needs to be done- because they are the spark that rekindles the hope in humanity. Entertainers like James realize that THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

“As humans, we crave community, connection, and creativity.As Artists (and personally), this period has felt like the above has been stolen from us, and at times some of us have been thrown into the abyss of darkness, uncertainty, depression, and identity crisis.
But some of us have also experienced shimmers of light and of inspiration. This feels like home, and James Bustar’s collaborations and other community arts projects have given us laughter, familiarity, an audience, and a bunch of new friends and networking opportunities – And it’s reminded us of hope.”

Hunnah McNab, Circus Instructor, Australia


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