Entertainment Rebirth: Gigs and Artists Roar Back to Life, Overcoming Adversity with Resilience and Creativity!

As venues reopen their doors and gigs resound worldwide, entertainers are reclaiming their livelihoods with tenacity, showcasing the indomitable spirit of the human creative force.

In the wake of the pandemic, when numerous entertainers faced unprecedented challenges, the struggle for government support became a lifeline for many. James Bustar, renowned entertainer and advocate for fellow artists, emphasizes the significance of this revival: “The return of gigs and entertainment is not just a relief for performers; it symbolizes hope and the rekindling of human connection through shared experiences.”

As the entertainment industry bursts back to life, artists are seizing the opportunity to reignite the stage, leveraging their talents to captivate audiences once again. From comedy clubs to cruises, theatres to corporate, a surge of electrifying performances is sweeping the nation, fueling a collective hunger for live experiences.

ABC Radio Sydney

Marcela Scheuner and James Bustar spoke to ABC Radio Sydney in an in depth chat involving Ben Eltham from Monash University.

Audio Property of ABC

James Bustar – ABC Radio Brisbane

James Bustar spoke to ABC Radio Brisbane about the creation of the video and the reasons behind it, also discussing creativity during the lockdown.

ABC News – Feature Article

ABC News wrote an emotional Digital Feature on the plight of the pandemic on the arts sector, and how many jobs have been lost. It is truly devestating.

You can read the whole article here;


Glam Adelaide – Feature Article

Glam Adelaide wrote a feature piece on our plea for more support and the impact the last 18 months has had on entertainers Australia and Worldwide.

You can read the whole article here;


SBS The Feed – Feature Article

SBS The Feed wrote a feature article focusing specifically on the circus side of entertainment. You can read the article here;


Lindsay Webb – ABC Gold Coast

Lindsay Webb had a very indepth conversation with ABC Gold Coast about the devastating impact the pandemic has had on the arts, and the double standards that are going on.

Learn more about Lindsay here http://www.lindsaywebb.com.au/

Marcela Scheuner – Triple M 105.7

Marcela Scheuner spoke with Triple M 105.7 about the devastating impact the last 18 months has had on the entertainment industry financially and emotionally.

Seven News Article

With Australia’s two biggest cities again in lockdown, the arts industry says it’s been hung out to dry.

Despite federal and state funding for individuals and businesses hit by rolling COVID-19 lockdowns, artists and entertainers feel forgotten.

Sydney-based juggler and comedian James Bustar says many in the industry have thrown in the towel since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Steve Bowen – ABC Goulburn Murray

Steve Bowen spoke to ABC Goulburn Murray about the affects of the pandemic on the arts industry. You can listen here at about 2:54:12